Make more money and stress less with the best Property Manager in Tampa.

What does it mean to be the best in Tampa Property Management? For HomeProp, it means Propety Managers who are Single-Family Property Management experts. It means Property Managers who save you money and stress. Homeprop knows Tampa Property Management. We’re the best property managers in Tampa and our experience in managing tens-of-thousands of homes across Tampa Bay is proof!

If your Tampa Property Manager isn’t also a real estate investor, you’re missing out on profits.

Tampa Property Management Experts Have an Invesment Property Owner's Mentality

Owner’s Mentality

People who own investment properties just get it – the importance of timely collections, low-cost maintenance, and aggressive rentals. When your Tampa property manager doesn't have an owner’s mentality, your portfolio suffers. Our Property Managers treat your rental property as if it were their own. That leads to profit-maximizing decisions every time.

But when your Property Managers are just Realtors - or worse, just admins, then they lack the Property Management experience they need to make great decisions. Trust our Owner's Mentality to maximize Profits.

Full-Service Managers

We've tried it both ways - a Property Manager who handles everything your property works better in the long run, versus a company that uses a leasing/maintenance specialist model. Why? Becuase when we manage your Tampa Rental Property, one person knows everything there is to know about your property and fewer things fall through the cracks.

It's time to think again about the Full-Service Manager model. Our results prove that it's the best Property Management Structure Available in Tampa!

Big Savings

Beging the best Property Manager in Tampa does't just mean that we know the best way to manage your rentals. It also means that we have the best fee structure on the market.

Improvements in Tech shouldn't result in increased costs. It should make property management cheaper! That's why our management fee goes down as we fiure out more great ways to implement tech into Tampa's Best Property Management company. A 6% management fee andno renewal fee will save you at least $900 per unit per year over our competitors.

We handle it all
(so you don’t have to)

We accept almost any form of payment from your renters – from Debit and Credit Card, to Bank Drafts, to cash pay services. Deposits go to your Bank account – for free, of course – and you get a monthly accounting of income and expenses in real-time on Tampa Property Management Experts like HomeProp offer the best rental experience for your renters too!

Click here to see all the convenient locations where your renters can pay their rent!

When maintenance arises at your rental property, Tampa’s Best Property Mangers are on it! Your renter will submit a maintenance ticket with photos of the problem. We’ll chat with them to determine if there’s a tenant-fix that can be implemented for free. If a vendor is required, we dispatch from our affordable list of third-party vendors. You’ll always see the vendor’s invoices so you can be assured that we’re not making money from your maintenance mis-fortune. And you can always ask us to use your trusted vendors if you prefer. 

Learn more about Maintenance at HomeProp by clicking here!

Tampa’s Best Property Managers will always use approved industry contracts and forms, to save you money on form-creation and customization. But should an event come up that needs specialized legal care, we’ll contract with excellent legal professionals who will bring their legal experience to battle for you.

In the area of inspections, tech allows us to be efficient, thorough, and to save you money. We partner with your renters and our vendors to be our eyes and ears at your property. When we need to see inside, we use photos and video to protect your interests and your tenant’s privacy. A cooperative tenant makes our job so much easier, meaning we can comply with violations sooner, and inspect your property with ease. That’s what it means to be Tampa’s Best Property Manager

HomeProp’s Tampa Property Management Experts use self-showing technology to make sure that prospective tenants can get in your property quickly and on their time-lines. We commence renwals on your existing leases 90-days out to make sure we have maximum time to negotiation the best renewal rate. We never charge a renewal fee – we rely on increasing rents to give us a pay-raise. And we’ll never charge you more than 50% of one month’s rent to find a renter. HomeProp is Tampa’s best – and most affordable – Property Manager.

Curious about what your unit might rent for? This is just one of the rent-price tools that we use to set your best-rent.

When you’re Tampa’s Best Property Manager, you give your clients access to real-time reporting through your Owner’s Portal. We’re also skilled operators of our Property Management tech, we can generate reports to answer just about any question you have on your property’s performance. We have reports to satisfy the most discriminating CFO! 

When it comes time to get your rental ready to rent, we have many different vendors on standy-by to offer you a great bid on your turnover. We never mark up their invoices – so you will have total renovation-transparency. We’ll work fast to get your home on the market in the condition it will take to maximize your rental income. That’s what we mean by Tampa’s Best Property Manager!

Simple Pricing + No Extra Fees = Big Savings

What happens when real estate investors create a PM pricing plan? It looks just like this! Our fee model is simple, transparent, and it saves you at least $1,000 per year per property. Sure beats being nickel and dimed, doesn’t it?

Property Management Fee

6% of collections

(And unlike other PMs, YOU keep the late fees!)

Tenant Placement Fee

50% of first month's rent

(We know, that is way less than other PMs. But Tampa Bay rents are up 25% We can run our business just fine on a 50% placement fee!)

Lease Renewal Fee


(Yes, you read that right. Zero. Zilch. Nada. We never charge you for renewals.)

Account Setup Fee


(Do PMs really charge for that any more? )

Maintenance Fee


(It should be illegal for PMs to eat your profits with maintenance fees, and we won’t mark up your maintenance invoices either. You’ll always get vendor pricing from us!)

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Exceptional property management services! Grateful for the unparalleled professionalism and care. A game-changer for property owners. Highly recommended. Very thankful!

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Amazing service

Outstanding leasing services! Seamless process, attentive team, and quick results. Truly an amazing service that exceeds expectations. Highly commendable!

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Top-notch maintenance for rental homes! Prompt, efficient, and reliable. Every issue addressed with expertise. Simply put, it couldn’t be better. Kudos!

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3 Benchmarks for Tampa Property Management Success

If you aren’t receiving the following results from your current Property Manager, let’s talk.



Total rent collected as a percentage of total charges should be 99.5% or greater. How does that compare to your current property manager? Trust HomeProp for Tampa Property Management Expertise


Average Vacancy Rate

A healthy portfolio should have a vacancy rate of less than 3%. That is one month out of each year where your home is either not rented or where funds are uncollectible.


Maintenance Reserve

If you spend any more than 5% of your annual rent on maintenance, portfolio profitability becomes less likely. How does your current spend compare?

3 Simple Steps to
Passive Property Ownership

3 Simple Steps to Passive Property Ownership

1. Book a Free Consultation

Ever situation is different. We’re ready to hear yours! Take 15 minutes to talk with one of our Property Managers about your needs.

2. Get a Plan

We will create a management strategy based on your unique investment portfolio. 

3. Enjoy Passive Income
Finally, you can stop managing your property and your property manager, and start enjoying effortless, passive income.

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