USF Area Property Management

The University of South Florida (USF) area, a vibrant part of North Tampa, is a hotspot for property investments. Our comprehensive analysis of the USF rental data unveils a market ripe with opportunities. USF rental homes have rent prices ranging from $404 to $2,550. This results in a variety of property types for renters in the USF area

The USF area caters to a wide spectrum of tenants. Students and faculty are a big draw to the USF area. But there is also a rich tapestry of diverse populations that are drawn to the area. The diversity in rent price per square foot showcases the adaptability of the USF market. Close to USF, there’s a fit for various budgets and preferences.

USF Area Rental Market Overview

Navigating the USF rental market, however, requires expertise and a deep understanding of local trends. That’s where USF Property Management services by HomeProp come into play. Our team has years of experience in North Tampa Property Management. Homeprop guides property owners through every nuance of the rental journey.

The USF area includes the diverse communities of Suitcase City and Sulphur Springs. These areas take special property management expertise, and HomeProp has what it takes. You’ll appreciate the local expertise we bring to our services. Our deep roots in Tampa give us an unparalleled edge, allowing us to anticipate market shifts and adapt accordingly. HomeProp is Tampa’s Best Property Manager. So you’re not just getting Realtors; you’re partnering with a property management team. At HomeProp, we are genuinely invested in making your real estate investment perform at its best.

HomeProp is Your Partner in USF Area Property Managment

In conclusion, the USF area is more than just a university neighborhood; it’s a treasure trove of rental opportunities. And with HomeProp by your side, you can be sure to maximize these opportunities. Let’s collaborate to turn your property into a thriving investment.

  • – USF properties consist of a mix of Duplexes, Single Family Residences, Condominiums, Townhouses, and Apartments.
  • – 1 to 3-bedroom homes are common
  • – The rent price per square foot varies, with the majority ranging from $0.50 to $1.67, indicating a diverse market catering to various budgets.

There are Many Great Rental Neighborhoods Near USF

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Median Rent Price
The median rent price of homes in the USF Area for the last 12 months is $1, 695 or $1.70 per square foot
Median Days on Market
The median home in the USF Area stays on the market for 26 days
Median Size
The median rental home in the USF Area has 1,000 square feet of heated and cooled space.

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