Investors Lease Agressively

Investors realize that every vacant day is a day of lost revenue, so we market and lease your home like it were our own.

We do everything we can to make sure that your home is not vacant. So when a tenant gives notice, we’re marketing the unit for rent right away – we’re not waiting until the unit is vacant.

And we’re not just bumping the rent. We’re doing full Rent Price Opinions every time we market a home to make sure we’re getting the most rent for you home that the market will allow.

From incredible marketing and showing technologies, to excellent attorney-drafted leases, and best-in-class move-in practices, Leasing takes a front-seat with HomeProp!

Ready to Become a Landlord

The Perfect Tenant Begins With...

Beautiful Ubiquitous Marketing

Photos matter! So do property descriptions and signage. We make sure your photos match the reality of your home, artfully! We don't scrimp on marketing. In fact, we make sure your home's vacancy ads are seen everywhere! We shine, and so does your property! And when your property shines, you get enthusiastic tenants who are eager to rent your home. Nothing like starting on the right foot!

Accurate Rent Price Opinions

A HomeProp Rent Price Opinion takes into account all the factors that make your home really special and gives you a range of possible rents to help your home rent fast and for the maximum possible price. And when a home is perfectly price, your renter feels like they're getting a fair deal, and it's easier for you to renew your lease at a market rate one year in the future. Fairness - the best way to start a new relationship.

An Awesome Leasing Process

As investors, we know that everyone has a better experience when expectations are clearly set, and in Property Management, expectations are set during the lease process. That's why our Leasing Agents are meticulous in educating new tenants about maintenance protocol, tenant responsibility, inspections, rent payment methods, and all the other factors that help make a tenant's - and an owner's - rental experience just perfect.