Simple Pricing + No Extra Fees = Big Savings

What happens when real estate investors create a PM pricing plan? It looks just like this! Our fee model is simple, transparent, and it saves you at least $1,000 per year per property. Sure beats being nickel and dimed, doesn’t it?

Property Management Fee

6% of collections

(And unlike other PMs, YOU keep the late fees!)

Tenant Placement Fee

50% of first month's rent

(We know, that is way less than other PMs. But Tampa Bay rents are up 25% We can run our business just fine on a 50% placement fee!)

Lease Renewal Fee


(Yes, you read that right. Zero. Zilch. Nada. We never charge you for renewals.)

Account Setup Fee


(Do PMs really charge for that any more? )

Maintenance Fee


(It should be illegal for PMs to eat your profits with maintenance fees, and we won’t mark up your maintenance invoices either. You’ll always get vendor pricing from us!)

3 Simple Steps to
Passive Property Ownership

3 Simple Steps to Passive Property Ownership

1. Book a Free Consultation

Ever situation is different. We’re ready to hear yours! Take 15 minutes to talk with one of our Property Managers about your needs.

2. Get a Plan

We will create a management strategy based on your unique investment portfolio. 

3. Enjoy Passive Income
Finally, you can stop managing your property and your property manager, and start enjoying effortless, passive income.

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