Hassle-Free Property Management Services in the Tampa Bay area

Enjoy the rewards of real estate investing, without the headaches.

You invested in Tampa Bay real estate for passive income, not to manage properties, or worse, your property manager.

Finally, a Tampa Bay property manager you don’t have to manage.

Full Service Management

Never worry about collections, leasing, maintenance, legal notices, evictions, compliance, or inspections again. We do it all so that you don’t have to.

And with a client portal, you can always access everything you need.

Real Results

We lease faster, have lower delinquency, and higher resident and owner satisfaction than any other property manager in Tampa Bay. Let us help you get better results.

By Investors, For Investors

We know how to manage properties because our owners and property managers are investors themselves. We treat your Tampa Bay properties the same way that we treat our own.

More Profits, More Savings

With management fees as low as 6%, leasing fees at 50% of first month’s rent, and NO maintenance markups, your income properties are immediately more profitable!

Trusted By Investors Like You

Very thankful!
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Amazing service
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Couldn’t be better!
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We handle it all
(so you don’t have to)

We accept almost any form of payment from your renters – from Debit and Credit Card, to Bank Drafts, to cash pay services. Deposits go to your Bank account – for free, of course – and you get a monthly accounting of income and expenses in real-time on HomePropPM.com.

No matter when the call comes in, our Property Managers are ready to take the call and handle the repair. Your home stays in tip-top-shape, your tenant stays happy (and paying), and you get a good night’s sleep. And while owners are responsible for the cost of repairs, you can trust that we’ll use the best combination of tenant training, Property Manager repair and best-match vendor to ensure that you get the best combination of price and quality for your repair.

Our attorney-drafted lease has got you covered. All the terms and conditions that ensure a great landlord experience are in there, motivating the best-behavior from your tenant. When notices need to be served for not-so-great behavior, or for delinquent rents, we use the best notices and serve them promptly. Lease renewals are covered too, so are terminations and modifications. And if a tenant decides to get legal, our network of attorneys will join your team and get to your work on your behalf. Peace of mind and better results – that’s the HomeProp way.

HOAs, City Codes, Rental Inspections, Housing Authority Inspections, utility company inspections… these people must think we don’t work for a living! You don’t have time to handle these kinds of things, but we do. We’ll keep your property in compliance with our Turnkey management services.

And you’ll always know that your property is safe thanks to our Free Quarterly inspection program. Using all the tools at our disposal, and starting with excellent tenant training, we make sure that your home’s inside is inspected on a quarterly basis. As investors, we know that nothing is quite as important as having a first-hand assurance that your home’s condition is being preserved.

First step – make sure the price is right. We do that in consultation with you to ensure that your expectations are met. Don’t forget to match condition with pricing. A beautiful home will always rent for more! Combine that with top-shelf photography, self-showing technology and all electronic leasing, we’ll have your property leased in under 30 days.

60-days out from lease-expiration, we commence negotiations with your tenant for the optimal rent rate. In todays market, that could be a large increase. But supplies are short and demand is strong, so it’s in your best interest to release for as much of an increase as possible. If the market starts to contract, we might see declining rents. In collaboration with you, we will be prepared to negotiate with your tenant for the best rent possible, regardless of the state of the housing market.

As investors, we know how important it is to know the details behind your performance. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive set of reports to share with you every month. From Balance Sheets, to Income Statements, to Rent Rolls and comprehensive tax-time income and expense reporting, you’ll always have what you need from us to balance your books. Your reports are available to you at all time on our Owner Portal at HomePropPM.com

Your tenant will give notice and move out of their property once every 3 years, on average. 

When a move-out notice is received, it’s the perfect time to do a Rent-Versus-Sell analysis so that you can determine the best course of action for your investment property.

If “Sell” comes out on top, then let us help you renovate your investment property to an appropriate standard so that it will sell for top-dollar. We can help you market your home too, through our Brokerage services!

But if “Rent” still wins out, then we’ll rehab the property a rent-ready standard and get it released ASAP – in under 30 days, most of the time!

Owners Peter, Chase, and team.
9900 +
Units Managed
30 +
Years of Experience

As real estate investors, Peter Murphy and Chase Clark struggled to find property managers who really understood the needs of the investor, let alone served them with professionalism! 

They realized that there was a need to create a Property Management company that truly understood real estate investors, spoke their language, and could serve them better than anyone else.

Thus, HomeProp Property Management was born. By real estate investors, for real estate investors!

Simple Pricing + No Extra Fees = Big Savings

What happens when real estate investors create a PM pricing plan? It looks just like this! Our fee model is simple, transparent, and it saves you at least $1,000 per year per property. Sure beats being nickel and dimed, doesn’t it?

Property Management Fee

6% of collections

(And unlike other PMs, YOU keep the late fees!)

Tenant Placement Fee

50% of first month's rent

(We know, that is way less than other PMs. But Tampa Bay rents are up 25% We can run our business just fine on a 50% placement fee!)

Lease Renewal Fee


(Yes, you read that right. Zero. Zilch. Nada. We never charge you for renewals.)

Account Setup Fee


(Do PMs really charge for that any more? )

Maintenance Fee


(It should be illegal for PMs to eat your profits with maintenance fees, and we won’t mark up your maintenance invoices either. You’ll always get vendor pricing from us!)

3 Simple Steps to
Passive Property Ownership

3 Simple Steps to Passive Property Ownership

1. Book a Free Consultation

Ever situation is different. We’re ready to hear yours! Take 15 minutes to talk with one of our Property Managers about your needs.

2. Get a Plan

We will create a management strategy based on your unique investment portfolio. 

3. Enjoy Passive Income
Finally, you can stop managing your property and your property manager, and start enjoying effortless, passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions

No way! That’s your money. We just charge a 6% management fee on it.
50% of first month’s rent
$0! Renewals are a part of management and you should not have to pay for them. We get a raise when we increase your rent!

Definitely not. Maintenance is not a profit-center for us.

No way. We don’t profit from your misfortune!

An uncontested eviction is usually resolved in under 45 days.

Twice per year, either my resident-inspect or self-inspect
We love handymen and we use them as often as possible to keep your maintenance expenses low.
That’s a tough question. Depending on the trajectory of the housing market, either renting or selling could be the best option for you. Call us today to find out what investment strategy is in your best interest.

Yes! If you don’t want us to manage your property, we lease for a commission of one month’s rent.

We distribute rents, less expenses, on the 10th and 25th of each month. Allow 3 business days for your funds to clear, and your money will be in your bank account!

Sure do! You will find everything you need – from custom reports to lease documents – in your HomeProp Owner’s Portal. And much of the information contained in your portal is real-time, which means that you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to know how your investment is performing!

That can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the supply of comparable housing in the vicinity of your home and the overall trajectory of the housing market. Call us today to find out what rent price your home will most likely rent for.

You’re too busy to manage your property AND your property manager. Let us help.

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