…the results are simply better!

To be in Property Management at HomeProp, you have to have Investment experience. That means every HomeProp Property Manager is a real estate investor, just like you.

We have seen the difference when investors manage rental homes and we know without a doubt that Investors manage properties better!

When you own the property, every uncollected dollar is a problem, and every maintenance call is a big deal. When we manage your investment property, we apply that same level of caring to your portfolio as we do to ours.

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Home Prop Maintenance
HomeProp Property Manager
100 $ on Start Up Fees
450 $ on Renewal Fees
189 $ on Maintenance Markups
739 $ PER YEAR!

HomeProp Specializes in Property Management Services

Property Management

At HomeProp, one Property Manager handles all aspects of your property - from leasing to collections, to maintenance. One person is in charge of the entire process - from tenant to owner. And one person is responsible for the optimal performance of your portfolio. When supported by a HomeProp's unparalleled team of investor-managers, the results are just better! It's full-service Property Management by full-service Property Managers, and improved property performance will prove the difference!

Leasing & Renewals

When investors manage your properties, leasing and renewals set the stage for profitability. Every day of vacancy erodes profitability, so we start marketing your home as soon as your tenants give notice. And when it's time to renew, we strike that careful balance between progressive renewal rates and tenant-stability to make sure your home stays profitable. As for renewal fees? We don't charge them! One leasing fee is enough, and we want to fully-align our incentives with you - to keep the tenant in your home for the long-haul!

Maintenance & Turnovers

We keep your investment property in the black by effectively managing maintenance and turnovers. Our Property Managers know how to fix minor problems at your property, and we counsel tenants through repairs so we know what you need before we dispatch a vendor. This is how we manage maintenance for our homes, and how we'll manage it for yours! We will never charge you a maintenance mark-up so we never have an incentive to do more work than necessary or to use anything but the best vendor - for you!