Save When you Switch

Cut Your Management Expenses by Almost $1000 per Year When you Switch

Cut your Property Management Expenses by almost $1,000 per year when you switch to HomeProp

HomeProp’s Investor-Friendly Property Management platform is totally aligned with your interests.

Our low management fee, no renewal fee, and no maintenance-markup policy can save you as much as $1,000 per unit per year.

Add other investor-friendly features like 4 Inspections per year at no extra charge and one property-manager accountability (no big teams serving your account) and you will immediately see the benefits of switching to HomeProp for your residential property management needs in Tampa Bay.

Are you ready for a simpler, more effective Property Management company? Then say “hello” to HomeProp. Property Management BY Real Estate Investors, FOR Real Estate Investors!

Save When You Switch

Here's Where Your Save

240 $ Saved at 6% Management
250 $ Saved at 50% Leasing
300 $ Saved with No Renewal
189 $ Saved with No Maintenance Fee