Property Management

Investors Manage Better!

When Investors manage your rentals, the results are simply better! We are real estate investors just like you, and we have seen the difference when investors manage rental homes. Simply put – investors care more!

When you own the property, every uncollected dollar is a problem, and every maintenance call is a big deal. When we manage your investment property, we apply that same level of caring to your portfolio as we do to ours.

The results: better-performing investment properties, and more profitable owners.

Performance Benchmarks

Total rent collected as a percentage of total charges. Should be 98.5% or greater.

A healthy portfolio should have a vacancy rate of less than 8% – or one month out of each year where your home is either not rented or where funds are uncollectable

If you spend any more than 5% of your annual rent on maintenance, portfolio profitability becomes less likely.

Property Management

The Investor-Manager Mindset

Owner Mentality

People who own investment properties just get it. The importance of timely collections, low-cost maintenance, agressive rentals. When your Property Manager doesn't have an onwer mentality, your portfolio suffers.

The Cost of Maintenance

Maintenance will make or break your portfolio. A Property Manager who doesn't understand the importance of limiting maintenance expenses will never manage your portfolio profitably. We align our interests by never a maintenance markup.

Full-Service Managers

We've tried it both ways - management structures where tasks are spread out over teams of specialists versus companies where one Property Manager has full knoweldge of all aspects of your home. The later always works best!