Property Management Fees

Simple Property Management Fees

Property Management Fees are simple at HomeProp. We charge for Management and Leasing only. You never pay a renewal fee or a maintenance markup at HomeProp, and late fees are always yours!

When your Property Manager DOESN’T nickel-and-dime you for maintenance, renewals, and start-up fees, how much do you save each year?

Assuming your home rents for $1,500, you can expect to save a staggering amount with HomeProp Property Management.

You’re going to love our transparent, no-nickel-and-dime management fee structure. Click below to learn more about our fees (or lack, thereof).

6% of all collections, including late fees (they’re yours, after all!).

Other property managers keep your late fees. Not us. We just take our management fee on them and give the rest to you. That’s what Investors want from their Property Managers!

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50%, or One Half of One Months’ Rent, regardless of the lease duration!

We’ll find you a great tenant for 50% of one month’s rent. 50% compensates us for our advertising and for leasing bonuses that might be needed to get other realtors to show your property (yes, we advertise your home on MLS too!).

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$0. Nada. Zilch. We find you a great tenant and we keep them in your home. We make more money by raising your rent, not by charging you a renewal fee.

This is just one way that our interests are aligned with yours! Simple Property Management Fees – it’s the HomeProp Way!

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Seriously? A fee to start serving you? Not at HomeProp. We hate it when other people charge us an account setup fee, so we’re not going to charge one to you either.

That’s thinking like an Investor!

Simple Property Management Fees – it’s the HomeProp Way!

The trickiest one of all. Maintenance markups. They get in the way! They rob you of transparency, they take your profits, and they eliminate an incentive for lean-management.

  • We don’t need an incentive to do maintenance on your property. We’ll do only the maintenance that’s required, not a single work order more.
  • Hiding the vendor invoice from you does you no favors. You’ll always see the vendor invoice for every work order that we coordinate for you.
  • We believe that coordinating maintenance is part of what you pay us for, not an extra service to be billed.
  • Simple Property Management Fees – it’s the HomeProp Way!

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Property Management

Here's How All These Savings Add Up:

100 $ on Startup Fees
450 $ on Renewal Fees
189 $ on Maintenance Markups