Mission – Vision – Values

Our Mission

We believe in the power of Words. Words that define, words that motivate, words that encourage, words that differentiate.

Our Mission is why we exist. Why we come to work every day. What service we offer to the world.

“Providing Diligent Property Management with Integrity to Enrich the Lives of the People We Serve.”

To be the most Desired Property Manager in the Business. Respected Managers serving profitable clients. Trusted leaders in knowledge, innovation and information. Preferred as the best source of industry expertise. Serving Tampa Bay, then all major US markets.

Our Vision

Our Vision is our view of our future: What we aim to be. What our actions drive toward.

Together, our Mission and Vision give us purpose. They change the mundane into the meaningful and they provide parameters to our passions.

Our Values

Our Values are how we work. Lots of values are worthy, but we have chosen three to characterize us. The values of Diligence, Integrity, and Service. Learn more about them here.

Integrity Matters… To You!

We care a lot about Integrity. Integrity is “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.” It means “moral uprightness”. It also means “the state of being whole and undivided, and “unified, unimpaired or sound in construction.”

In real estate, it’s a must-have. No one wants their home falling down on their head. They want walls that will stand up to strong winds, a roof that says sound during driving rains. When your home survives a hurricane season, it is because it has integrity.

Integrity matters a lot to us. We won’t hire Real Estate Agents who don’t have it. And it’s not good enough to have Integrity some of the time – then you’re not “whole and undivided.” You have to have Integrity all the time.

We tell our agents that we want them to be the same person at work that they are at home. We want them to bring their values with them to work. Becuase we know that a person can’t be two-faced, and have integrity. Eventually, the other side will come out, and that’s just not who we are.

You should care about integrity – a lot. It might be the most important criteria that you should use in selecting a Real Estate Agent. You might think it’s expertise, or knowledge, or Real-Estate-smarts. But Integrity in business encompasses all of these important traits. If you’re not an expert, or knowledgeable, or smart in your trade, you can’t sell yourself to the market as having these skills – that’s not showing integrity. But you can be a real estate expert and be a liar. You can be knowledgeable and housing and be dishonest. Integrity is the higher standard.

We would have no integrity if we didn’t apply the highest standards of our trade. If we didn’t devote ourselves continually to professional improvement; if we didn’t pursue the most relevant and useful technologies.

Integrity is the total encompassing character of our Real Estate Practice. We promote it above all our professional traits because it is the fundamental reason for your trust in us. And if we can’t offer you trust, then nothing we say matters.

If Integrity matters to you – then we are the Real Estate Agents for you.

Creating Value through Hard Work

A HomeProp agents defining values are Integrity, Diligence, and Service. If Integrity is where it all starts, Diligence is what keeps it going. Diligence is the Value of Hard work.

Diligence is searching for that perfect home – for you – when there are literally thousands to search through. Filtering through the lists of criteria, culling out the “almost-there’s” and the “not-quites” to find the “perfects” and the “just rights”.

Diligence is checking every line of a contract to make sure your interests are protected. Sure, we all use similar contracts, but deals are made and broken in their details, and we’re going to make sure that every “I” is dotted and every “T” is crossed as we negotiate contracts for you.

Diligence is making sure that inspections are rigorous but fair. We may not be able to change reality, but we can make sure you’re in-the-know so that you can make the most knowledgeable decision possible.

Diligence is rigerous follow-up, continual feedback, lots of texts, emails, and calls, to make sure you are never left wondering what’s going on with your transaction.

Diligence is making sure that we are focused on professional development. Real Estate laws are numerous and changing, and it takes a real commitment to making sure that we stay current with industry trends.

Real Estate isn’t for part-timers. It’s for professionals who Diligently seek to be the best, and who work daily to improve. If Diligence is important to you, then HomeProp is your Brokerage.

The Servant’s Perspective

It starts with Integrity. It endures with Diligence. It ends with Service.

We’re not talking about “service with a smile”. We don’t mean white-glove service. We’re not really talking about speed and punctuality and the other ways that “service” has come to be used in the “Services Industry”. We’re talking about the perspective of being a servant.

That’s right. Service because we are Servants.

Servants – at one level – are people who perform duties for others. But at a more meaningful level, they are “devoted and helpful supporters”. That’s the level a HomeProp agent lives at” Devoted and Helpful Support – of you and for you.

We are devoted to your wellbeing. To your success. To your happiness. Our foremost aim is for you to be enriched by your time with us.

We are helpful in all the ways that we can be – giving you the information that you need; helping you with the heavy-lifting of the real estate transaction; lightening your load – mental and physical – when we can, throughout the course of the sale process.

And we are your supporters – as in assisting you and carrying you through the processes so that you come out on the other end fulfilled and accomplished.

Think of us as your Servants in Real Estate: your devoted and helpful support. And yes, we’ll also try to do it with a smile!