Institutional Property Management

HomeProp’s founders are some of the most experienced Property Managers in the nation. I addition to being investors themselves, their former companies were heavily involved in institutional property management for several of the country’s largest SFR Hedge Funds as they moved into the SFR asset class in the earlier part of this decade.

Our Founders served Colony American Homes, Progress Residential, Fairhomes, Mann Financial, Home Union and others as each of these companies navigated their way through the Florida housing market, managing and leasing thousands of homes in Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Ocala and Miami.

Together with our clients, we have acquired homes at auction and through conventional channels, rehabbed these homes, handled trustee-evictions, leased-up vacant units, stabilized tenant-in-place properties, and handled tens-of-thousands of work orders that emerged from the newly-minted investment portfolios.

We crafted systems and processes, unique for each client, to help investors meet their reporting and management objectives, and worked to transition these units in-house once critical mass was reached in each portfolio and the need for third party management was abated.

Today, we have built on this experience, and the experience of founding the nation’s largest third party SFR management roll-out company, and offer our services to the Institutional Property Owner.

You will find HomeProp to be a partner in your SFR investment objectives, and a strong ally in leasing, management, maintenance and renewals. Because Investors do Property Management Better!

Property Management