4 Inspections Per Year

At HomeProp Property Management, we are real estate investors just like you, and we know how important it is to set eyes on your assets.

We think it’s crazy that some managers never see your home, and it’s even crazier when they want to charge you for inspections! What are you paying them for?

At HomeProp, we love to inspect your property, and we do it at last 4 times a year, for free! Our Property Managers will get eyes on your property once a quarter in one of two ways:

The lease that we sign with your tenant permits us to access your property any time with 24-hours notice to your renter. So once a quarter, we will schedule an inspection with your renter to inspect your property in person.

We inspect every major mechanical element at your home, document the serial numbers of your appliances, take photos of your floors, ceilings, walls, and light fixtures, document the condition of your roof and landscaping, and make sure your home is being kept in great shape.

  • Digital photos are our primary means of inspection. Using them, we create comprehensive observation-based comments on your home’s condition.
  • Our photos provide us with “before and after” shots so we can enforce the maintenance of your home by your renter, and document any deterioration that might be compensable by your security deposit at the end of your lease term.

We get it – no one loves letting a stranger into their home, even when a lease allows it!

So we take full use of a tenant’s desire to keep us out of their unit to get them to help us with quarterly-inspections through our Resident Self-Inspect Program. Your tenant is required to upload to our files current and comprehensive photos of their home.

We inspect each photo closely, looking for signs of deferred maintenance or tenant-neglect, and if we find any, we schedule a Property Manager inspection. Our experience with this program has been great!

Tenants love showing us their photos – and keeping us out of their hair, and we get to show you proof of the great condition of your home!

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