About HomeProp

The Best Team in Property Management

10 Years Ago, Peter Murphy and Chase Clark joined together to create an industry-leading property management company. They founded Home Encounter, built it to the largest management company in the eastern-US, and sold it 8 years later.

Now Murphy and Clark are back, and they’re building something even better: A Property Management company built by Investors, for Investors. The last 8 years have taught them how different property management techniques can be. But one thing is for certain: Investors want people who understand real estate investments to manage their properties for them, not just Realtors or Property Managers.

Murphy and Clark are bringing this improved management philosophy to the market. Their values are still unabashedly virtuous, their skills are refined, and their ambition – to offer excellence in Property Management within a values-based environment – is as strong as ever.

Learn more about our management philosophy throughout this website, or by contacting us. We look forward to serving you!

“The last 8 years were full of great lessons and now we’re ready to build an even better management company than before”

“It’s clear to us that investors want a style of management that’s tailor-made for them, and we’re ready to give it to them”